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(An excerpt from a manuscript by Dr. Mrs. Esther Adenike .Luogon)

The journey through the trials of life is not a pleasant one at all. If care is not taken, it can destroy a person’s life and even ministry. But it is interesting to note that the end result of trial can be glorious when one endures it patiently. (Rom.5:3-4)The same goes for the paradox in this thesis - the pain of serving Him becoming a thing of Joy. How can this be? Moses was a beloved servant of God, a man who spoke to God face-to-face. The Bible speaks of him as the meekest of all men. He was a man who led the Israelites for forty good years in the wilderness.

Whenever he was faced with crisis, he cried unto the sender of the ‘great exodus’ – God, Himself. He walked with God long enough to understand His ways. But one wonders, “Why did he disregard His command at some point?” He was angry at the Israelites one might say, and he referred to them as “you rebellious people.” Did God hold him guiltless? Not at all. Though he pleaded for mercy he was not spared by God. (Deut.3: 23-27)

Servant of God, did you notice that as long as Moses was living in obedience to God’s command, God honored him in the presence of the Israelites because he honored God? But on that unfortunate occasion when he lost control of his temper, little did he realize what the consequence would be. Abraham laughed at God’s promise (Gen.17:17), Sarah also laughed, and she even told a lie (Gen.18:12,15); the virgin Mary asked the angel,“How shall this be…(Lk.1:31-34). And Zacharias, a priest, also asked a question, “Whereby shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years. (Lk.1:13-18).

Moses was denied the joy of entering the long awaited for Promised Land. Is that not painful? Zacharias was pronounced mute for a season. What was the punishment meted out to Sarah and Mary? I hasten to add, God’s servants sometimes experience ‘pains’ in serving the Master. What God overlooks while dealing with others, He will hold you highly responsible for same. As ministers of God we need to remind ourselves always of this maxim, “Others may but I cannot.” To remain victorious in God’s service, obedience to His commands cannot be compromised. As long as we keep honoring the Lord in our daily walk with Him, we can be assured of the JOY of serving Him.

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